Environmental Policy

All of our charters operate in the Fjords of the Sunmøre Alps located in the heart of the West Norwegian Fjords home to Geiranger Fjord and the Seven Sisters Waterfall which is recognised by Unesco and listed as a World Heritage Site.

There is no doubt that we are extremely fortunate to be able to operate in this area and share this beautiful part of the World. To be able to explore this environment on foot, paddle board, mountain bike, snowboard and skis as well as cruise the waters aboard Gåssten is an extraordinary privilege and one that we do not take for granted.

With this in mind we have developed an environmental policy aboard Gåssten that we feel supports this fragile yet beautiful place.

During the refit of Gåssten in 2018/9 the owners wanted to make sure that as many systems as possible were up to date in environmental terms. To start with the old generator was replaced by a modern fuel efficient model running a state of the art deep cycle battery bank and inverter, supplying the boat with her electricity requirements. This system means that the generator can be run for shorter periods of time and can be turned off completely during the night.

All of the interior lighting has been upgraded to a new 24v system or low energy LED mains lighting, depending on where they are situated and what their purpose is. All filament and halogen bulbs have been removed due to their high heat output and inefficiency.

The new windows in the saloon are double glazed to give better heat insulating properties and therefore putting less stress on the heating system, and all existing windows have been overhauled with new seals, to eliminate draft and heat loss.

All timber used in the refit has been ethically and sustainably sourced and local craftsmen have been employed for all areas of the refit to reduce miles used in getting workforce to the boat.

The grey and black water tanks have been serviced and inspected and all pumps have been overhauled or replaced to ensure that all water treatment on the boat is totally environmentally friendly. This is most important in the Fjords, and there are strict rules to follow with the treatment and disposal of used water in the area. We take the usage and disposal of water and waste water very seriously as it can be a major contributor to ocean pollution.

While on charter we strive to source food and beverages with a low carbon footprint. All of our ingredients are locally sourced and purchased, and we aim to wild forage and fish where possible in a sustainable manner. The menu is typically Norwegian with European influences so as to keep the food air miles to a negligible level.

While the total elimination of plastic is near impossible when dealing with this sort of charter business, our crew are doing everything they can to reduce the plastic consumption on board. We will not provide water in single use plastic bottles. All guests will be given a bottle at the start of their charter, and there will be unlimited filtered water for guests to drink. Any plastic that comes on board the boat through food preparation and packaging, will be recycled responsibly and no plastic will be simply thrown away.

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