Winter in the Norwegian Fjords is a special experience. Whether you are looking for the Northern Lights in a winter wonderland or Skiing and Snowboard touring in the Sunmøre Alps, a winter week aboard HMS Gåssten is an adventure for those who want to experience a little bit more…

The Sunmøre Alps have been carved over the millennia by massive shifting glaciers, creating spectacular peaks, deep valleys and these iconic Fjords. Every Winter, Atlantic storms hit these ancient peaks, and dump metre upon metre of soft powdery snow ready for Spring. For those adventurous enough to want it, this is some of the best ski-touring and split-boarding in the world.

December is a time for long nights and short days so the Norwegians make this time of year all about Hyyge: A sense of cosiness and wellbeing with warm sheepskins, log fires and candlelights.

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